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Feel The Wind
Feel the wind
Flutter through your hair
As his fingers trace your spine
You've dreamed of this a thousand times
His lips
His hands
His everything
There for the taking
Take the risk
And show him you're not the ordinary type
Make him want to get inside
His smile is all you need to know
That he's thought of this before
This brisk night air
His arms hold you tight
No one's watching
Hold him tighter
This moment
Better than all the rest because he knows
And returns the favor
And now something's sparked
Thank god, because you couldn't keep still
This gateway to more
Is everything you ever dreamed of.
:iconirunfree:irunfree 2 1
Violent Things by irunfree Violent Things :iconirunfree:irunfree 18 12
Teen Rydon 4
*Ryan's POV*
December came and it got increasingly harder to be around Brendon without having to control myself. That boy… he does things to me. It should be illegal.
Brendon, Spencer, and I had been practicing in Spencer's garage, sort of making progress with things. It's hard to make progress when you really don't have much to begin and a singer who has ADHD and insists on drinking Red Bull right before practice.
If you haven't noticed, we decided to keep Brendon as our singer. He refused at first when we told him, but I assured him that I was totally cool with being replaced. He smiled at that. God, that boy's smile makes me go weak at the knees. Excuse the desperate teenage girl-ish thoughts.
Winter break came and everyone was excited to get two weeks off of school. Of course, teachers, being the thoughtless bastards that they are, decided to pile on the tests the day before break. Brendon was sort of doing this thing behind his parents' back. He had convinced them he was join
:iconirunfree:irunfree 10 13
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Before It's Too Late 2
Today Ryan and I went out to eat. In that time we made small talk, but don't blame me for looking at the black sleeves running down his arms. I say something funny and he just puts on a fake smile. Even though I know he dies behind that smile, I couldn't help but find him so beautiful. Before we leave I take his hand from across the table (not like anyone with respect would care) and trace circles on his palm. I say:
"I love you."
He says, "I love you too."
Sometimes I feel as though Ryan thinks I only tell him that to pass the time. I never just tell him I love him only to pass the time. I tell him because I am worried, scared, and nervous for him. Whenever I hear that voice in my head say: What if he dies tomorrow? I have to tell him I love him.
As soon as we get home we both head upstairs into our room. I shut the door behind me as I walk over to him. He's looking for something in the closet. He then tosses out a shirt onto the bed. When he turns around I'm standing there in front o
:icondecaygirl13:decaygirl13 11 28
Mature content
FRERARD. Chapter 2 :iconsennasaurus:SennaSaurus 15 14
Vices Virtues Take a Vacation
So many of us have been thinking of Vices & Virtues as a sort of "response" to Take a Vacation! (from a Rydon/Ryden viewpoint). And if you haven't, it's about time you started. Because, honestly, there are some serious parallels you need consider.
First, I'm going to go back to the whole "summer fling" theory, as demonstrated by the numerous references to summer in a multitude of Panic! at the Disco, starting with their second album, Pretty. Odd.
"He fell in love in the middle of summer." –When the Day Met the Night
"Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two, when summer lasted longer than we do." –Folkin' Around
"Fall comes early and summer leaves." –From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins
This trend continues into their most recent album, Vices & Virtues.
"When July became December, their affection fought the cold, but they couldn't quite remember what inspired them to go." –Memories
"Put another ex on the calendar
:iconimmortalliac:immortalliac 31 36
Take me to the Northern Lights by iNeedChemicalX Take me to the Northern Lights :iconineedchemicalx:iNeedChemicalX 5,975 365
The Ghost By Your Side II
I could come just from remembering his hot hands on me, his tongue licking the corner of my mouth, his fingers touching my hips and cupping my face, him whispering dirty things into my ear while sucking on my outer shell. Whimpering my name, oh. Too much. I'm half-aroused already. But I don't want to do that. I'll just hurt myself more. It's just a bad idea, and it wouldn't be enough anyway. The sex was pretty fantastic with Brendon. He had power, he had all he wanted to have on me, and there it is just me, myself, I and my ridiculously small body, face to face with that giant, stupid shitty world I basically hate. World which robbed him from me. How cruel. Fucking world. Nothing is worth the sex I had with him. The only moment I was feeling alive was in the dead of night, with him, with me, with us. Together. One.
Although I am a man who has always appreciated the charm of women, no one has ever been like he was. So intense. So passionate. If he wanted to make me blush, he could do it
:iconrydenveins:RydenVeins 8 2
Ryan Ross by Shannen483 Ryan Ross :iconshannen483:Shannen483 87 36
Mature content
Flying High :icondyelirious:Dyelirious 47 37
Picture Uno 8D by KateAnnexTerrasochi Picture Uno 8D :iconkateannexterrasochi:KateAnnexTerrasochi 7 38 Panic At The Disco wallpaper by flatlace Panic At The Disco wallpaper :iconflatlace:flatlace 12 2 PANIC AT THE DISCO ll by xGolden-Halox PANIC AT THE DISCO ll :iconxgolden-halox:xGolden-Halox 43 13 Ryan by illisgray Ryan :iconillisgray:illisgray 72 40
Dance to Anything--Rydon
Are you worth your weight in gold?
La Cage de Toxiques read the sign over the nondescript brick building across the street, and I had a French-English dictionary in my hand as I stared at the window. "The Cage of Toxins?" I murmured under my breath, snapping the dictionary closed. "I wonder what sort of place that is."
After breakfast the next morning, I asked my landlady about it. "La Cage de Toxiques?" She shuddered. "A filthy cesspool of underground culture." Then she appraised me cool eyes. "Though I suppose a young man like you would enjoy yourself there."
"So it's club?" I asked, ignoring her disapproving tone.
"Something like that," she said stiffly. "I'm sure you could easily find someone willing to take you there if you're curious. Mr. Greenwald, in Room 18, is a common patron, I believe."
I thanked her and made my way up the stairs to Room 18; I couldn't quite place my finger on it, but there was something about the place that intrigued me, and I knew I h
:iconimmortalliac:immortalliac 14 20



I'm the new cancer
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Hey guys! Well, with this whole rewrite still going on, I've decided to post the completed chapters up on some other websites for 2 reasons. 1: I wanted to start fresh and 2: I'm too lazy to change all the Rydon posts I have on here already.

With that being said, I have created an account on Ficwad, and LiveJournal. I'd really appreciate it if you guys headed on over and checked out my new place. I'll still be submitting art on dA, but Rydon will be exclusively on those two websites (I'll still be posting updates on here, however)

Thanks for all of your support and I hope that you continue to support this growing and improving story.

Fanfiction: (it won't let me upload anything there for another 2 days but i'll post the url when it's available)
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